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AVTS™ - The Activity Value Test System (Patent Pending)

Catalytic Combustion Corp. developed the innovative Activity Value Test System (AVTS) to provide catalyst users with a reliable way to make informed decisions about catalytic activity after washing to help in determining if it's worthy of reinstallation BEFORE investing the time and money to put it back into operation. Prior to AVTS, using a washed catalyst was a risky trial-and-error process that often proved costly in time, labor and lost production when the element failed to perform as needed.

The AVTS process is a non-destructive test that isolates a portion of the catalyst and creates stable, repeatable conditions where the coating should respond to a standardized reference compound being passed through the cells. The data gathered during the process is used to calculate the Activity Value Index (AVIā„¢), which is a simple, numerical score of the catalyst element's health.

AVTS is not a re-creation of the conditions the catalyst will experience in the field, and the AVI is not a prediction of field performance. However, the AVTS/AVI combination used in conjunction with your field testing allows informed decisions as to whether a catalyst is working putting back into service or needs to be replaced.

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