Western Filter Co.


Construction Features

Double wrapped body is standard on all "300" and "400" level critical and ultra critical silencers. Each silencer is fully and expertly welded to insure durability and performance.

Silencers are not designed to support other components of the exhaust system (i.e. stacks, etc.) nor are they designed tosupport their own weight from the inlet or outlet tube (use proper mounting attachments on silencer body).

Three end connections are available - male pipe ends, ASA 125# drilled mounting flanges or slotted tubes. Condensate drains are standard on all silencers 9" body diameter and larger. Product certification for pressureized leak testing is optional.


Aluminized Steel/Mild Steel: Nelson Silencers are manufactured of aluminized steel and/or mild steel depending on design. (See specific specification sheet for material details.)

Stainless Steel: Nelson Silencers are available in stainless steel by special request. Excellent resistance to corrosion. The maximum operating temperature is 1500F.


Silicone Aluminum Paint/Primer: Nelson Silencers are given a coat of high heat resistant silicone aluminum paint and/or a coat of high heat rust inhibiting primer.

Limited Warranty

All Nelson Silencers are warranted against defects in material and workmanship. Our liability is limited to replacement of product or to original price of product. No other expressed or implied warranties exist.