Western Filter Co.

Hilco® Filters


HILCO filters are ideal for cost-effective, efficient filtration of fuels, solvents, hydraulic, lube and compressor oils.

  • Efficient filtration for a wide range of applications.
  • Durable materials and extensive testing.
  • Designs to fit your special needs.
310 Series Filter Vessels

Compact, economical vessels are ideal for in-line filtration in low-pressure and high-pressure applications with low flow rate, such as hydraulic circuits.

511 and 518 Series Filter Vessels

Intermediate-size vessels are designed for off-line or in-line filtration. Applications include lube oils, fuels, solvents, hydraulic oils, compressor oils and vacuum pump seal oils.

Duplex versions provide continuous flow during fluid transfers and cartridge changeouts.

1119 Series Filter Vessels

Large volume filter specifically designed for direct connection to lube systems for by-pass filtration.

  • Large systems for filtration of: insulating oils, roll oils, machine coolants, lubricants and highly contaminated quench oils.
  • Vessels are available in ASME Code and non-code construction.
  • Use with Hilite, Hilite-A and Selexsorb cartridges.