Western Filter Co.

Hilco® Filters


All of our filter cartridges are developed to provide long service life and high quality. Hilco cartridges feature quality design and construction.

Many different media are specially selected, formulated and fine tuned on a regular basis to provide the most effective combination of fluid compatibility, particle-separation efficiency, low pressure drop and structural properties.

  • To reduce pinch-offs, caused by sharp pleats which stress the filter media, we've developed a process which features a larger outside radius and a smaller inside radius for stronger, more uniform nesting of pleats. This process is referred to as controlled radius pleating.
  • Our controlled radius pleats are designed to maximize filtration area and dirt-holding capacity while resisting pinching, distortion and rupture.
  • Gasket materials and adhesives are selected based on their compatibility with the fluid and the operating temperatures of each application.
  • Cartridges feature rugged, glass filled nylon and plated steel centertubes which resist collapse at high differentials. Special center tube adapters are also available for reuse.