Western Filter Co.

Catalyst Cleaning

EXAIR Corporation's Standard Air Knife is a quiet, energy efficient way to clean, dry or cool parts, webs or conveyors. The Standard Air Knife uses the coanda effect (wall attachment of a high velocity fluid) to create air motion in its surroundings. Using a small amount of compressed air as a power source, the Standard Air Knife pulls in large volumes of surrounding air to produce a high flow, high velocity curtain of air for blowoff.

The Standard Air Knife Kit includes the Standard Air Knife and:

  • Automatic Drain Filter Separator to prevent water and dirt particles found in many compressed air lines from clogging or passing through the Standard Air Knife
  • Pressure Regulator for infinite control of flow and force
  • Shim Set to increase or decrease the gap from which the compressed air exhausts, providing further adjustment to the flow and force