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Exhaust Silencers

Nelson Exhaust Silencers

For over 50 years, Nelson's family of silencers have quietly out performed the competition. Not to mention outlast them. That's because Nelson silencers are fabricated from heavy duty aluminized steel and can operate at maximum temperature of 1250F. What's more, Nelson Silencers are coated with a high heat rust inhibiting primer, then coated with a high heat resistant baked on silicone aluminum paint that maintains its physical properties up to 900F on aluminized steel and 1100F on mild steel. The result? Nelson Silencers last longer because they resist heat and corosion that its mild steel counterparts cannot. Best of all, Nelson Silencers are easy to install, competitively priced and give you the two things you expect from a premier line of silencers. Sound choices and quiet performance.

EM Silencers

Western Filter Co. now offers a complete line of EM Silencers... The Quiet Alternative.