Western Filter Co.

Solid-Cast Pigs

Solid-Cast Pigs fall into a category in between foam pigs and steel pigs. They are equipped with cups and/or discs and have the ability of accommodating brushes like a steel pig. However, the wearing components cannot be replaced. As with steel pigs, different configurations can be supplied. The five basic types of Solid-Cast Pigs are:

  • Cup-Type
  • Disc-Type
  • Cup & Disc Type
  • With Brushes
  • Spheres

Description: Constructed of high-grade abrasion and chemical resistant solid-cast material. Designed to allow sealing edge of cup or disc to seat against the internal pipe surface to ensure positive seal. Hollow core adds flexibility so as to adapt to out-of-round or varying internal pipe diameters, and negotiate 1.5-diameter bends. Various models can accommodate wrap-a-round brushes for cleaning operations.

Design Function: Primarily used for hydrostatic testing, dewatering, batching, product removal, as well as, cleaning operations when equipped with brushes. Lighter in weight than steel pigs, this allows for longer and more efficient sealing during pig run.

Options: Varying durometers (hardness); solid core; pulling rope or cable; transmitter or pinger cavity; magnets; carbon-steel, stainless-steel or prostran brushes.