Western Filter Co.

EcoVent Recirculators


These filters were originally designed to prevent oily crankcase fumes from fouling the intake air filters and coating engine rooms, but now offer many other advantages:

Cleaner Environment

The EcoVent Recirculator removes 99% of oil mist and airborne particles. This makes it possible to duct the now clean blowby fumes into the air cleaner for a completely closed system, removing 100% of the blowby mists and gases from the atmosphere without danger to the engine.

Reduced Oil Consumption

After the oil droplets are removed from the gases, they pass through an absorbent depth media, which cleans them so they can safely be returned to the oil sump.

Positive Crankcase Vacuum

The air intake vacuum source pulls a positive crankcase vacuum; evacuating damaging blowby gases from contacting the crankcase lube oil and reduces crankcase seal leaks.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

Because the seperation of air and oil is accomplished through a static, absorbent filter, there are no moving parts or periodic cleaning necessary, only changing of the filter element.

These systems are applicable to marine, industrial diesel, gasoline or natural engines.

NOTE: If natural gas, or if fuels containing sulfur or halogen chemicals are used, do not return the oil to the engine.