Western Filter Co.

Catalyst Equipment

Western Filter Co. and Catalytic Combustion Corporation partnered in 2009 to collaborate on full-service catalyst equipment needs to the natural gas industry. Founded in 1950, Catalytic Combustion introduced industry-leading technology with the development of the first ever United States patented catalyst (U.S. Patent #2,658,742) to destroy volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Catalytic Combustion has been providing catalysts for power generators and gas compression engines to OEM packagers for more than a decade. Unlike most in the catalyst business, Catalytic Combustion manufactures its own substrates and catalysts, instead of just one or the other. Another part of the company's full-service catalyst expertise is the fact they also engineer and build the components and equipment to employ the catalysts. Today, WFC and CCC stand ready to provide efficient and cost-effectively solutions to help companies meet government-imposed emissions control requirements.

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