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ROYAL Air and Liquid Filtration Products

Western Filter Co., Inc. now provides ROYAL Air and Liquid Filters
ROYAL RL and RL-AB Series Filtration Products

The RL and RL-AB series cartridges are designed for efficient removal of particulates from liquids or gases when either nominal or efficient Beta rated filtration is required. RL series media is a solvent based phenolic resin impregnated cellulose. The RL-AB sereis media is a combination of solvent based phenolic resin impreganted cellulose and glass fibers providing excellent Beta rated filtration. All cartridges are constructed of the finest materials and workmanship. Center tubes are spiral formed tin plated steel to prevent cartridge collapse at high differential pressures, and to provide corrosion resistance as well. External outer covers are tin plated, perforated lock seamed steel for safety and optimum media protection. PVC adhesives and Buna N gaskets are standard on both series.

ROYAL RSL and RSLH Series Filtration Products

These series of cartridges are designed for filtration of water, water based fluids, and a wide range of chemicals. These filter cartridges stand up to continuous use in water based fluids without the softening or deterioration common with many resin impregnated paper cartridges. These cartridges are made with advanced synthetic polyester and microglass medias, which allows high flow rates with low pressure drops as well as excellent temperature resistance. RSLH series elements are wire backed for pleat stability and strength. RSL and RSLH cartirdgtes are available in removal ratings from 1/2 to 40 microns. Sizes are available to replace many existing paper cartridges.

ROYAL RLWA Series Filtration Products

RLWA series cartridges are designed for removal of water and particulates from petroleum products. Royal water absorbing cartridges protect equipment in systems where the presence of water is harmful or undesirable. These cartridges alert the operator to the need for cartridge change through a rapid rise in differential pressure at the cartridge becomes saturated with water. Media is a combination of cellulose and special water absorbing, polymer layers. RLWA cartridges are ideal for use in lubricating, oils, hydraulic oils, transformer oils, fuels, and many other petroleum products. They can also be used in prtbable fluid conditioning equipment. Cartridges are available in sizes to replace existing filter cartridges. Particulate removal ratings are availble from 1/2 to 25 microns.

ROYAL RAB Series Filters

RAB series cartridges offer economical, high quality Beta rated filtration for applications where "absolute" filters are required. Cartridges are available in cellulose, and glass cellulose medias with a wide variety of sizes and end configurations. The pleated design ensures high contaminant retention due to the large surface area. Cartridges are available in micron ratings from 1/2 to 30 microns with Beta ratings from 100 to 5,000. These cartridges can be used in a variety of applications, including well completion, well stimulation, workover, and waterflood applications. These cartridges can also be used as a replacement for stingwould and in many other applications where efficienty is critical.

ROYAL RCC and RSC Series Filters

Royal RCC and RSC series cartridges are available as replacements for current industry coalescer and separator cartridges. Coalescer cartridges are offered in a vareity of end configurations, as well as varying diameters and lengths. Medias are a combination of one or more layers of pleated media and various layers of fiberglass for optimum performance in specific applications.

Separator cartridges are available in pleased, silicone treated media or Teflon* coated screen media. Separators are also available in a variety of sizes and end configurations to replace other manufacturers' products. Center cores are perforated, spiral formed, plated steel. End caps are tin plated steel or glass reinforced nylon. Adhesives are either epoy or thermosetting PVC, depending on the type end cap. Buna N gaskets are standard. Other gasket materials are available.

ROYAL RA Series Filters

Royal RA series air filters are used in a variety of applications for removal of particulates from air and gasservice. Cartridges are available for air intake systems on engines, compressors, blowers, and turbines. Replacement cartridges ae also available for dust collectors and material handling and conveying systems. RA cartridges are constructed of the finest quality components, including galvanized or plated metal components, phenolic resin impregnated, pleated medias, fire retardant medias, and synthetic medias. Both round and panel type cartidges are available. Replacements are available for many major manufacturers.

ROYAL RL-7003 Series Filters

"Western Filter Co., Inc. provides this one triple length lube oil filter to replace three of 4P2839 lube oil filters for a Cat 3500 gas engine. This design provides a quick and easy change of filter elements on this engine. No sliding or fishing for the 2nd and 3rd filter element. Manufacturing the one length also makes this filter element cost much less requiring 4 less seal plates and gaskets. There is also a labor savings, since it takes the same labor to make one triple length filter as it does one shorter filter element."

Improved G3500 Air Filter For Longer Life

Western Filter Co., Inc. has improved the G3500 air filters by stabilizing the air filter pleats. With the high vacuum seen on these air filters, they are prone to convolute the pleats cutting down on exposed pleated paper area. This increases vacuum and diminishes the life of the air filter dramatically. The improved air filter design provides for much longer life due to keeping the pleating equally separated, reducing vacuum and increasing exposed pleated paper for longer life.